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Thrust spherical roller bearing

Roller of this kind of bearing is spherical. Because housing washer raceway is spherical, it functions self-aligning.

Featuring high capability to bear axial load, this bearing can bear axial load as well as several radial loads at the same time.

Thrust spherical roller bearing can bear axial and radial load, but radial load can not exceed 55% of axial load. This bearing functions self-aligning. Thus, it is not sensitive to coaxality and shaft deformation.

If load P and PO don`t exceed 0.05Co, and shaft washer rotate normally, bearing can be adjusted with self-aligning angle in the following table:


Small value is applicable for bigger sized bearing. Allowed self-aligning angle decreases when load increases.

When in operation, lubr ZWAt is used generally.

This kind of bearing is mainly used for hydro generator, vertical motor, helix marine shaft, tower crane and extrusion machine etc


With spherical rollers and races, the thrust self-aligning roller bearing boasts the self-aligning performance. Such bearing has a much large axial loading capacity and can carrying the radical load no more than 55% of axial load besides the axial load, not so sensitive to the coaxial degree and the shaft deflection or distortion. Such bearing is mainly applied to hydro generator, vertical machine, marine propeller shaft, tower crane, plastic injection extruder and so on.


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