Split Spherical Roller Bearing


Quick-Replace of Bearing at An Unattainable Place

Replace non-split bearing will cause much extra work, like dismounting of gear, couplings, transmission and drive etc, therefore, in those places hard to attain, split bearing is the best choice.


Due to reduced downtime of machine, split bearing can reduce the mounting cost greatly.

Those cost-saving is attributed to simplified equipment and less assembling work.


Application Example

Split bearing is mainly used on the shafts which are supported by several unattainable points or positions, including transmission equipment, material processing equipment, ventilation equipment, milling, vessel and paper making industry.


Example of mining and material processing:

Bucket wheel excavator and Reclaimer

Winch and Pulley

Worm conveyer

Bucket wheel and Belt conveyer

Mixing equipment

Grinder and crusher

Sintering equipment

Fan and ventilator

Dust-cleaning equipment

Transmission apparatus and shaft




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