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Annual General Meeting of AB SKF

Apr. 19, 2019

The Annual General Meeting of Aktiebolaget SKF, parent company of the SKF Group, was held in Gothenburg on Thursday, 28 March 2019.

 The income statements and the balance sheets were adopted, together with the Board’s proposal for distribution of dividend. A dividend of SEK 6 per share was approved. To be entitled to receive the dividend, shareholders must be recorded in the share register on 1 April 2019.

The Meeting resolved that the Board’s fee for 2019 is to be in accordance with the following:

a)    a firm allotment of SEK 7,257,000 to be distributed with SEK 2,133,000 to the Chairman of the Board, and with SEK 732,000 to each of the other Board members; and

b)    an allotment for committee work of SEK 1,087,000 to be distributed with SEK 248,000 to the Chairman of the Audit Committee, with SEK 176,000 to each of the other members of the Audit Committee, with SEK 145,000 to the Chairman of the Remuneration Committee and with SEK 114,000 to each of the other members of the Remuneration Committee.

A prerequisite for obtaining an allotment is that the Board member is elected by the General Meeting and is not employed by the company.

The following Board members were re-elected: Mr. Hans Stråberg, Mr. Lars Wedenborn, Mr. Hock Goh, Mr. Alrik Danielson, Ms. Nancy Gougarty, Mr. Ronnie Leten, Ms. Barb Samardzich and Ms. Colleen Repplier. The following Board members were newly elected: Mr Geert Follens.

Mr. Hans Stråberg was elected Chairman of the Board.

The Meeting approved the Board’s proposal regarding principles of remuneration for Group Management and the Board’s proposal for a resolution on SKF’s Performance Share Programme 2019. The share programme covers not more than 225 senior managers and key employees in the SKF Group with an opportunity to be allotted, free of charge, SKF B shares. Under the programme, not more than 1,000,000 shares, corresponding to around 0.2 % of the total number of outstanding shares, may be allotted. The number of shares that may be allotted must be related to the average TVA development during 2019-2021 compared to the actual TVA in 2018.

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