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Management Guarantee:

Management Guarantee

In recent years, the company has continuously improved its internal management mechanism and implemented a diversified governance structure, which has enabled the company to achieve rapid expansion. In order to meet the needs of the company's rapid development and the need to achieve modern management, the company has continuously introduced advanced management concepts and scientific management methods, and is committed to building an information-based and lean modern enterprise management platform, so that the management level of the company has been continuously improved. The economic benefits have grown steadily, especially since the beginning of this year, although the auto parts industry has generally been sluggish, the company has maintained a strong growth momentum by introducing advanced management methods, internal management, and expansion of the market.

"If you want to do something good, you must first sharpen your tools." In order to pursue the optimal product quality and the highest production efficiency to ensure sustainable development, the company has introduced TPM full equipment maintenance management system and lean production management system since June this year, and strives to implement advanced management system. To achieve high efficiency targets of “fault, accident, waste, and waste”. Through extensive publicity and mobilization, various forms of study and training, practical exercises, optimization of production processes, and establishment of long-term incentive mechanisms and management mechanisms for continuous improvement, the company has advanced the management concepts and scientific management methods into people's hearts and into The conscious behavior of employees has promoted the quality of employees and the management level of enterprises.

At the same time of implementing advanced management methods, the company's decision-making level has also advanced management awareness. At the same time, it has introduced cloud computing and ERP informationization and digital management systems, and is committed to building an information-based, digital enterprise management platform to achieve "information". The goal of “going, digitizing, and managing first-class companies”.

Cloud computing technology is just getting started in the world. It is a new way of more flexible, efficient, low-cost and energy-saving information operation. It is to transfer all the traditional people, things and things to the Internet, and to process complex information. The work is handed over to the "cloud", which is a networked computer group and data center to deal with. It is a new type of Internet enterprise model that is virtualized, informatized, and efficient. It can realize the transformation of traditional enterprises and Internet-based enterprises. Greatly improve work efficiency.

ERP is an enterprise resource planning system. It is based on information technology and provides a management platform for decision-making and management of decision-making layers and employees with systematic management ideas. It integrates information technology and advanced management ideas into a modern enterprise. The operation mode reflects the requirements of the times for enterprises to rationally allocate resources and maximize the benefits, and become the cornerstone for enterprises to survive and develop in the information age.

It can be seen that the company introduced the cloud computing and ERP informatization and digital management system with advanced awareness, which enabled the company to greatly enhance the comprehensive management functions including financial forecasting, production capacity and resource scheduling adjustment based on the existing management system. Therefore, a closed-loop management system with computer as the core is formed in the enterprise, which can dynamically monitor all production and operation processes of production, supply and sales.

At present, the company's tailor-made cloud computing and ERP informatization and digital management systems have initially shown that they should be effective. It is foreseeable that this most advanced management system platform will bring a qualitative leap to the company's wings.

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