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Logistics support:

Logistics support


Department settings:

A: Air Transport Department;

B: shipping;

C: Customs declaration and inspection department;

D: Ministry of Trade;

Our logistics:

In order to provide customers with more complete logistics services, adapt to the changing needs of the market, meet and exceed customer expectations, we have improved the scope of functions of each department and teamwork with each other, with more professional skills and more reasonable logistics. Planning, more intimate customer service, safer and more convenient logistics support, serving the needs of different customers. After years of struggle, our Airfreight Department has signed cooperation agreements with several airlines such as China Eastern Airlines, Hainan Airlines and China Southern Airlines through its growing business volume and good business relationship, which has highlighted its advantages on domestic and international routes. Under the leadership of a group of people with years of experience in maritime operations, the maritime department has accumulated rich market experience, and has developed a distinctive humanized service method, built a mature business network, and cooperated with many international famous shipping companies. Established a deep business relationship. The professional customs declaration and inspection department of our company provides customers with import and export declaration, inspection, delivery and other services. It has set up offices in the airline exchange, Wusong, Waigaoqiao, Airport, Bonded Area and Yangshan Port. Quickly solve field problems. With the standardized service and outstanding business ability, the experienced inspectors have been recognized by the Commodity Inspection Bureau and become the inspection and inspection enterprise that the Commodity Inspection Bureau can trust. Our Ministry of Trade has its own import and export rights to provide import and export agency services for the domestic trade enterprises that enter the international market and intend to introduce internationally advanced technology and goods. While focusing on the development trend of the domestic market, the company is also constantly developing and perfecting overseas agents, selecting excellent overseas partners, providing one-stop logistics services for customers, reducing the cumbersome logistics links of customers and reducing the logistics costs of enterprises. Our growth is inseparable from the long-term support and encouragement of our customers. We are willing to return to our customers with the highest quality, efficient, safe and fast service.

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