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Deep Groove Ball Bearing

The single-row deep groove ball bearing can bear the radial and axial loads, and allows a very high rotation speed. The deep groove ball bearing is non-detachable.

The sealed deep groove ball bearing is free of maintenance, and can simplify the structure. These characteristics and its low price enable it to be the bearing with the widest application. However, the self-aligning ability of deep groove ball bearing is limited.

Basic type

The basic types of deep groove ball bearing are the open type, double-face with sealing ring type, or double-face with dust cap type. As needed in the production, the bearing with sealing has the groove on the outer ring, where the sealing ring or dust cap may be mounted, or it may also be supplied as the open bearing.

Deep groove ball bearing without grooveDeep groove ball bearing with groove on the outer ring (Example)

Structural features of roller bearing Deep groove ball bearing This is the most typical kind of roller bearing with a wide range of applications. The raceways of both its inner and outer rings are in arc groove form capable of bearing radial load and bi-directional axial load. It is suitable for rotation at a high speed and occasions requiring low noise, and low vibration. Sealed type bearing with dustproof cover and rubber seal ring is pre-filled with moderate grease. Bearing with ball loading entrance results in increased balls and rated load. Such bearings are widely used in automobile, electrical equipment, instrument, building machinery, railway vehicle, agricultural machinery and various specialized machineries. 



Basic type

Such bearing can be used in occasions without special requirement for installation and sealing.

Deep groove ball bearing with stop groove on outer ring

The stop ring can be used for axial positioning to simplify installation in housing.


Deep groove ball bearing usually has pressed steel cage or brass solid cage. When the OD is less than or equal to 400mm, pressed steel cage will be adopted without suffix. When the OD is more than 400mm, brass solid cage is mostly used without suffix.

Allowed angle error

Inclination angle error between inner and outer rings is allowed for deep groove ball bearing, which is listed below by radial play:


Equivalent dynamic load

P=XFr+YFa [N]


Fr: Radial load, N

Fa: Axial load, N

Please refer to the following table for coefficients X,Y


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